Four Seasons

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       Four Seasons / Surprise Desk / Surprise Dresser
       !Surprise Surprise! / Fly Fly  / Bar

Four Seasons is first of all a seat – versatile in use and extremely adaptable. The metamorphosis begins with an asymetric stool. With each additional element added to Four Seasons, it undergoes a change both in shape and functionality. And the transformation does not stop there: armrests, backrests and tables can be fitted as desired from all four sides. With all these playful combination possibilities, you can create whatever suits your momentary mood and taste.

Dimensions Different
Material Plywood, aluminium, upholstery
Color According to your wishes
- stool CHF 1,250.–
- armrest   CHF 400.–
- backrest CHF 450.– (low), 650.– (high)
- table CHF 120.– (low), 160.– (high)